Card Bedoin Tent





Introduction: Card Bedoin Tent

Now you can build a bedoin ten made from cards. You can make a tribe by building a couple of them close to each other

Step 1: Laying the Support

it is easy to do this on a carpet never tried it on floor before. rub the first card into the carpet.

Step 2: Putting on the First Cover Side

Just lay a card on the side

Step 3: Put on the Second Cover Side

just like the second step put a card on the other side though, DUH.

Step 4: Put on a Wall

put a card on the back

Step 5: Put on a Door

put a card in front sideways

Step 6: Finally for the Roof

for the roof just put a card on top. Ihope you liked this instructible make a tribe by making some claso to each other not to claose though if you like this I can post how to make a tribal leaders tent. this is a tribe and the tribal leader house in the mddle



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     Why does it say "And now I can.."? Like I couldn't do this before?

    What's the point? and it's really not that hard... it's easier on a rug, just pointin that out

    I'm being nice by saying..... DUMB!!!


    I was thinking that when you said, "You can make a tribe by building a couple of them close to each other." That there was a translator thinking group was tribe, but it was just you...