Card Deck/ Candybar Dispencer

Introduction: Card Deck/ Candybar Dispencer

This instructable will teach you how to build a little vending machine thing, and its useful if your someone who plays cards alot or does card tricks and wants something to give you a new deck when the one your using gets worn out. Or if you like candybars and feels like having it something you built and can be proud of. This is my entree to the gorrila glue cardboard contest, so please vote and all that stuff.

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Step 1: Supplies

You'll need a shoe box. Wooden skewers or long K'nex pieces. If using K'nex you'll need a right angle piece and a small white or gray piece. Scissors and a utility knife (the utility knife isn't a necessary, but makes cutting the box easier. Extra cardboard. A plastic baggie, or any plastic that is flat. Stapler. Lastly duct tape.

Step 2: Making Pull Out Slides

first build what is in pic 1. Then duct tape some cardboard on the end to stop it from rotating, used giftcards work great. Next you can put duct tape over the whole thing so it looks nice but its not required for it to still work. Just do all that to each slide, in my case six.

Step 3: Cut Window Holes

pic 1 is just my outline. pic 2 is cut 1. pic 3 is cut 2. pic 4 is cut 3.

Step 4: Put Plastic Over Holes

Tape plastic over the big hole from the inside. Staple plastic over the small holes, it'll work better if you do it where there isn't duct tape.

Step 5: Cut Holes for Slides

first cut holes in the side of the box like in pic 1. Make sure they are spaced every deck of cards thickness, and that they are wide enough to fit ur slide things. Try to make the opposite holes where the cardboard is between holes on the side, so that the slides don't run into eachother when they reach the middle. then make two structures like in pic 2 that is the depth and height of the shoebox, then cut holes it each that are paralell to the ones on the side of the shoebox. Then duct tape them in like in pic 3.

Step 6: Touchup

Just place a strip of cardboard inbetween the two walls inside the box.

Step 7: Load and Use

Slide the little panels into the holes and insert your candy bars, or cards, or whatever fits.

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