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Do you have some old broken Headphones, or perhaps a headset that needs repairs to its frame, or just maybe you want one that looks good and is easy to make and fix! If so then you have come to a good instructable Items Needed: * Means you don't need it Cardboard Packaging Tape or Duct Tape Headphones or Headset *Paper *Foam *iPod or MP3 Player Lets Get Started! This is a lot more sturdy then it looks

Step 1: Find a Broken Headphone

First you want to snap off the frame from the Earpiece Kind of like that

Step 2: Get Access to Cardboard

I like to use a Costco milk gallon box, but your welcome to use whatever you would like!

Step 3: Shaping Out Your Headphones

You are gonna want to cut out the shape of your headphones tip rim part Then you want to tape two strips of cardboard to to your headphone frames I like to decorate it a little!

Step 4: Making the Ear Speaker

Cut out two circles the size of your earphones

Step 5: Piecing It Together

Once you done Simply tape the three pieces together, it may be a little wobbly at first but make adjustments! Enjoy



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    Dhruv Bose

    1 year ago

    I don't think the fit will be all that good.


    5 years ago



    5 years ago

    Looks terrible, but once you work at it a little it starts coming togethe