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Introduction: Cardboad Computer Desk

About: Hi, I am crazy about creating things with my crazy mind. I love making unique things that can entertain and educate you. I love Instructables because it's a Great source of inspiration.

The idea behind building this cardboard setup is taken from our current setup.this is my dream setup.this setup is completely made up from scrap material.i have spent only 8$ making this cardboard setup & which are of glue stick,tape & photo printing.Total Lenght & breadth of this setup is 1 meter X 1 meter .i want to change & modify my current setup to can see my current setup that is already updoaded to Instructable.

Step 1: Tools & Material Used

Tool i used are

1. Glue gun

2. Set square

3. Canon photo printer

4. Scale

5. Marker & Pencil

6. Glue

7. cutter

8. Tape (Masking,Cello & brown)

Material Used

1. Thermocoal

2. Cardboard

3. Paper

4. Silver foil

Step 2: Basic Building

I did not take any pic while making i have only taken pic while assembling so sorry for that next time i will take pic step by step & make video setup by step.i am working on improving these skill.

Step 3: Each Accessories of Setup

Step 4:

Step 5: Finally!!!!!!



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    4 Discussions

    This miniature set up is awesome. Dollhouse/doll people would love this.

    So looking at the picture I thought this was life size....a little disappointed

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    Same here! We have cardboard boxes galore at work that go off to recycling and I thought wow I could build this. Oh well at least it taught me to look more closely in future......

    Nice prototyping! FYI, Thermocol is Styrofoam, which are both (common) brand names for expanded polystyrene.