Cardboard Bird Beak

Introduction: Cardboard Bird Beak

For this you will need some cardboard, markers or paint, hot glue, string and a hole punch

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Step 1: Step One

Outline the beak shape you want. You can make any size or shape beak you want! Once you make the first outline cut it out so you can trace it for the other half

Step 2: Step 2

After you trace the other outline cut that one out too! Then begin glueing the sides together. It should look something like this

Step 3: Step 3

Hole punch two holes opposite each other on the beak

Step 4: Step 4

Now thread the string through the two holes so the beak will be held onto your face


All you have to do now is color it (only if you want) this was my final products (did two) thanks for checking this out

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