Cardboard Bird Man Costume With Wings




Introduction: Cardboard Bird Man Costume With Wings

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We made a costume out of cardboard for my son. It has articulating wings and helmet. I was able to make this in about 5 hours since i have a laser cutter and CAD software at my business,

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Step 1: Design and Cutting the Pieces.

  1. I drew this up in Solidworks
    1. measured my son
    2. picked good places for wing articulation based on his arm length
    3. designed 3 sizes of feathers just to fill in the main parts
  2. Cut out the pieces
    1. you could use a blade.... i happen to have a laser... so that helps.

Step 2: Building the Wings and Chest Piece

  1. I bolted the wing pieces together
    1. use large washers so they don't rip cardboard
    2. super glue or lock tight nuts in place
  2. Make straps
    1. I used gorilla tape
    2. the waist straps use the restickability of the tape
  3. Layer feathers starting on the bottom
  4. Wrist straps are large enough to slide hand in and out
  5. Head hole needs to be big enough for head too

I used industrial strength hot glue, packing tape and gorilla tape

Step 3: Making the Bird Man Helmet

  1. Start with helmet straps and build off of that
  2. Attach beak and eye parts
  3. layer feather and ear parts

I used industrial strength hot glue, packing tape and gorilla tape

Step 4: Have Fun!

  1. I added a few more feathers
  2. Make sure everything fits
  3. Have fun!

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3 years ago

The simplicity and the beautiful design of this costume is what really caught my eye. I love it!

It looks great. Good job. You have one lucky kid.