Cardboard Box Organizing Rack

Introduction: Cardboard Box Organizing Rack

Ok, so I sell on Ebay...I order a few different sizes of cardboard boxes.  I then leave them all over the garage, making a complete and utter mess.  If I'm lucky, I can't find them...unlucky, and I ruin boxes.  At $1-3 / box, the damages add up fast.

I made this at Techshop! a couple months ago, just never got around to publishing the instructable. we go.

Step one, you collect your raw materials.  In my case, it was some 1/2" Black Gas pipe, some DOM tubing (1 1/2 diameter, .375 wall) and a bunch of 5/16 rod.  Notice, most of my raw materials are rusty.  That's what happens when you leave your materials outdoors!

Step 1: Cut Your Materials

First, I cut a bunch of short pieces of tubing.  Right around 1 1/2" long.  8 to be exact.

In this step I also cut my 5/16 rod at around 36" long.  8, again.

Step 2: Bend

Now I bend 90 degree angles, in the midpoint of the 5/16" rods. 

Step 3: Weld & Mount & Done!

The 5/16" rods are welded onto the DOM tubing perpendicular to the centerline of the tubing, but tangent to the outside diameter.

These rods, with the tubing welded on, are now strung onto the piece of black steel pipe. 

Now you load it up with boxes and enjoy all of the extra space you now have!  A simple fix.

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