Cardboard Boxes for Earth Drill Bits

Introduction: Cardboard Boxes for Earth Drill Bits

The drill bits of my earth auger arrived without a box to store them. They have been lying around my basement and I keep stumbling upon them. If I place them on a shelf they have a tendency to roll and fall. So I decided to construct some storing boxes out of cardboard to safely store them.

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Step 1: Materials

For this instructable I used lots of sturdy cardboard, duct tape, scissors and measuring tape.

Step 2: Build a Rectangle Box

First I measured the diameter of the drill bit.

Then I shaped the cardboard to form a rectangle with slightly bigger edges than the diameter of the drill bit. I wanted the drill bit to have 2 cm distance approximately from the edges of the box.

I also added a sliding sleeve from cardboard to the top.

After that step I secured the bottom and top caps of the box with duct tape.

The box is ready to hold one drill bit.

Step 3: Build a Cylindrical Box

I also made a circular one just for fun.

This one had two moving sleeves, so it can open from both ends.

Step 4: Finished

I wrote on the outside of each box its contents for clarity.

The boxes are now ready for storage.

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