Cardboard Bumper

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Step 1: Find a Dell Computer Sound Bar

Find a Dell with the speakers located on the monitor. Our school has many of these so we felt obligated to take one.

Step 2: Find an Enclosure

We had a lot of cardboard from parts we shipped for our 3-D printer. But you can use any inclosure that will fit. Cardboard is easier to cut and drill so i recommend using it.

Step 3: Add an Extra Speaker

We had an extra old electronic drum set that was lying around so we took the speaker and wired it to one of the tweeters wires. Essentially stealing power from the tweeter. This ended up working great and equalizing with the other tweeter.

Step 4: Place in the Box

Place all the electronics into the box leaving out the 3 speakers, the power cord, and the 3.5mm music jack. Apply power and your done!



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