Cardboard Car

Introduction: Cardboard Car

This is a Cardboard Car we were asked to build for the course "Creativity and Innovation" at ITESM

Step 1: Materials

1kg of white glue

100 grams of screws



Brush (for the glue)

Strips of cardboard

(4) 5 inch (diameter) tube

(2) 4 inch (diameter) tube

(2) 15 inch (diameter) tube


1. First you have to build the structure of the car. In order to do that, you need to do 5 bearers. For each bearer you will need two strips folded like the ones in the photo and two strips of cardboard of the same size (or bigger) than the folded ones, if they are smaller, use four strips, it does not matter if you exceed the size of the folded strips because you will cut it out later.

2. Then add some glue to one of the two folded strips to stick one strip to one side of the folded one, remember that the size of the strip must be equal or larger to the size of the folded one, if not, use two strips. You will have to add two layers of strips and finally, glue the other folded strip in the other side.

3. This is how the bearers must look like, notice that the strips are larger than the folded ones

4. Remember we told you not to worry about the large of the strips? If they are bigger, now it is time to cut them off using a cutter.

5. Then join two bearers using both glue and screws (also do it for the other two left). From now, we will call them X’s.

Step 3: WHEELS

1. Now let’s get to work with the wheels. First you have to get a large resistant tube that can be cut in little cylinders. Cut as many as you need in order to get something like this:

2. Then, to fill in the empty spaces cut some cardboard and put it inside the empty spaces. Just like shown in the figure. Also, you have to cut 2 circles (more likely to the shape of a ring) of a size that fits with the cylinders (15 inches of diameter for the big circle, and 5 inches for the inner circle), remember that the diameter of the inner circle must be equal to the diameter of the cylinder at the center. Use some glue to stick it. You have to do four of this wheels.

3. Now, put a 5 inch tube inside the center of two of the four wheels we just built, and then put that inside a 15 inch tube. It must look like the one in the photo. Do the same with the other two wheels.

4. Until now, we have done the wheels and the structure bearers, then, the next step is to put all together


1. Pick two 4-inches-diameter tubes and make this cut in each one of the ends of the two tubes. The cut must be big enough to fit inside it the X’s.

2. Take the two tubes and insert one in each wheel, remember we have two wheels that we made from the four little wheels we did at the beginning.

3. Now put the X’s inside the cuts we did before in order to make two parallel sides of the square drawn in the photo.

4. To reinforce the structure we have to do some perforations in the X’s we just sticked in order to add two extra bearers between each X bearer (the yellow ones in the picture).

5. To keep distance between each wheel we need to add another extra bearer between the axis. Remember that you have to do it in the two sides and you can use screws to hold the joints.

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