Cardboard Charging Station

Hey are you like me and constantly looking for all the different cords to charge all your different portable devices? well, I will show you a great way of making a easy cheap charging station to power your ipod, music/video player, phone, or other devices.

You can also use it to plug the devices into your PC/MAC so they can charge that was too.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

- 2 cardboard tray - depending how big you want your charging station you can easily pick up these anywhere
- something to cut/modify the cardboard
- something to mark with
- something to measure with
- usb hub (doesn't matter if it is 1.1 or 2.0)
- your usb cords
-USB to AC adapter

If your cords are AC adapters you may just want a small power strip and all your ac adapters that you want to charge at the same time

Step 2: Step 1

the bottom of the tray will be tray that's has deeper sides. if each of the trays are equal in depth cut on of the trays' sides so that it is half as tall as the other on. the short one will become the top tray.

Step 3: Top Tray

Measure the end of the largest plug end (for me it was my iPod cord).

Find the center of the cardboard tray and mark a small hole that big enough for your largest cord to fit through.

Cut out the hole with scissors or your own preferred way of cutting cardboard.

Step 4: Bottom Tray

One the bottom of the second box cut another small hole for the power supply to go through. Then insert the cord into the hole as shown.

Step 5:

Plug in all your cords to the USB Hub (or powerstrip)

Then thread the other cords through the top tray and place the tray in the bottom tray. (hopefully is will be a snug fit if your trays are the same size.

Next plug in the USB Hub plug to the USB-to-AC adapter.

Step 6: Plug in Your Devices

Now plug in AC adapter to power outlet/strip.

Finally plug in all the devices that you want to charge. (I would show you four devices but I'm using my camera phone to take these pictures.)



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