Cardboard Christmas Tree




Hello everybody! Another Christmas is coming and nothing better than celebrating with family, right?

Today I will share an idea that we had to decorate our table.

It is very simple because it uses materials that are easily discarded.

Step 1: Materials

- Pieces of cardboard

- 6 sheets of A4 paper

- Layout drawings

- White glue and hot glue

- Paints (red, green and yellow)

- Ornaments to hang on the tree

- Stones to make weight at the bottom

- Olhoes (12) however can make a simple hole with paper punch.

- Scissors, ruler, etc. ...

Step 2: Assembling the Tree

I printed the layout of the tree in 4 sheets of A4 paper, using the printer feature in poster printing. After that, I gathered the sheets of paper and pasted on cardboard. All it took was cut and then paint.

After the paint dries, the two parties unite to form the tree.

Step 3: Mounting the Base

The base I made in the shape of a vase. I did not plan the layout so it was lopsided. To stand up, I put a little stone and closed. The star was glued on top.

Step 4: Decorating the Tree

I made holes with an awl to hold the decorations. I filled each hole with a illion. After that, it was enough to hang the ornaments chocolate.
Also print some Christmas figures, cut out and pasted on the tree.

Hope you enjoy



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