Cardboard Coin Bank





Introduction: Cardboard Coin Bank

Here is a easy coin bank made of cardboard, cord and elastic tape. This is a great purpose to recycle old cardboard boxes. You can also make it in other shapes as pyramid or cylinder. If you want you can decorate the coin bank with cardboard, stickers or paintings as you like.

I made this coin bank because I wanted to make something useful with usual materials. The idea of this came when I thought what materials should I use. So simple and easy! Everyone have cardboard, rubber band and some kind of cord.

The steps to make this coin bank are easy: Draw the form on the cardboard, cut it, make the holes and assemble the box with the cord. The last thing to do is closing the "lid" with the rubber band or elastic tape.

Things you will need:
-cardboard (about 30 x 21 cm)
-1,2 m cord, for example paracord
-20 cm elastic tape or rubber band
Other equipment you see in the pictures.



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    This is really cool but I've already seen this box on an app called DIY Cardboard Boxes Ideas and I was wondering if you actually created this. But any way this is a really cool idea.

    Size of the carton?

    No I haven't tried a drill. I can imagine you could use any kind of round sharp tool making holes to cardboard because it's a soft material. a Drill bit could be great but maybe a drilling machine is not necessary.


    I first saw this box on Pinterest and now I found it here. So happy to know how I can do it on my own.

    This is a very well explained intructable and the product looks sleek nd clean! Thank you for sharing. Loved the rubber band lid part!

    Thanks for commenting and bringing this out. Just lift the bottom lid up with your fingers and turn the box over. See the picture.

    Because the lid is closed with a rubber band it can open by itself if you have enough weight on it. It's better to lift the coin bank by supporting the bottom with your other hand.

    2014-01-05 11.49.40-1.jpg

    wow! looks awesome :D liked the minimalistic style :D thank you for sharing!

    How impressive! It looks so pretty sitting there.

    Thanks a lot for all comments. It's always nice to get feedback.

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