Cardboard Costumes for the Whole Family

Introduction: Cardboard Costumes for the Whole Family

About: Hi! I am Klinong, that is how my loving family calls me, except my brother, he calls me Krinyol, as I have silly curly hair :) I love Instructables for forever now, especially for the contests ha-ha!, but ...

(....well for family of four!)

I chose cubic costume for my husband as he likes telling me the history of cubic (LOL), a laundry machine for me (yes, a mother's job), a popcorn costume for my 4 yo as he loves popcorn so much, and an iphone costume for my 10 mo.

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Step 1: Method

Popcorn Costume:

A rectangular cardboard, the size of your child (where he/she would be able to carry around/not too heavy) - I used diaper box

A knife

A scissor

Sticky tape

Double side sticky tape

Printed popcorn icon

Red shirt with long sleeve

Red hat

Two colors of tissue papers, white and yellow

Red gorilla tape

White craft paper


Draw a hole big enough for your lil one's head on one end, leaving a little space for his shoulders to be able to "carry" the costume, and another hole on the other end that is big enough for his whole body to go in. So sort of top end and bottom end.

Draw two same size holes on both sides of the cardboard for the hands.

Cut these holes with either knife, craft cutter/knife or scissor.

Cover the whole cardboard with white craft paper, secured with either sticky tape or stapler, not forgetting to also cut holes for hands on the sides.

Then with red gorilla tape, make stripes as shown on picture, just like a popcorn box/bucket motif.

On the shoulder area and also on red head, place double side sticky tapes every where, generously

Crumple tissue papers and stick them to the shoulder's are and also on the hat - and these are your popcorn to be

Simple, right? :)

iPhone Costume:

Rectangular box

Black gorilla tape

iphone screen printed on a paper

double side sticky tape

With a rectangular shaped box that is as big as your lil one, draw two holes on the side for hands.

As this is for a much younger kid, sometimes directing them to go from bottom hole would be a pain. They might not understand and will be panicked/scared, so I cut the whole side (of the back part) of a cardboard where we can put the costume as a jacket.

For the top end, I also cut almost the whole part of the cardboard, leaving a little part for shoulder so his body would still carry and support the costume.

Cover the whole cardboard with black tape and attach the printed screen on the front with double side sticky tape

Cubic Game Costume:

Large cardboard (as big as the adult who will wear it)

Colorful craft papers (the colors should be just like what they have on cubic block game)


Double side sticky tape

Black gorilla tape

Because adult size can be wider than a board that can be found out there, I also cut the cardboard as a jacket type

Make two holes on side that are a bit bigger than the adult's hands and cover the whole with black tape

Cut the bottom and top ends, leaving some area on the top for shoulder

Cut squares from the craft papers and attach them either all same color or make them colorful (as cubic block would be) with double side sticky tape

Laundry Machine Costume:

Another simple costume but fun to make! All you need is a pair of socks, a pants, a shirt or whatever clothing you would like to use as decorations for your costume.

Choose a white cardboard for this one

I also cut this as a reversed jacket kind of.

Make two holes for my hands on side, cut the top and bottom ends, leaving some for shoulder area

Cut a hole on the front and with sticky tape or stapler, attach a round aluminum baking pan

With double side stick tape, attach socks etc here and there

And you are ready ;)

Happy Halloween!

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