Cardboard Crafting How to Make a Cardboard Toy Car for Children





Introduction: Cardboard Crafting How to Make a Cardboard Toy Car for Children

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is a fun way to recycle the packaging and those cardboard boxes one has lying around the household. While there are numerous craft ideas, if there are children in the house, making a toy car is one of the favorites. Below are three ways to make toy cars for children; a bigger one they can ‘drive’ around, and two ways to make smaller ones they can play with or have their action figures drive around.

Step 1: Small Toy Car – Option 1


Making toy cards are one of the quick and fun cardboard craft projects that you can easily do. For a fun looking toy car what you need is some tube packaging, left over from a kitchen roll (for a longer car) or from toilet paper (for a shorter car); some extra packaging for the wheels and steering wheel, some wooden skewers, circle shape or compass, glue, a box cutter, scissors and some paint to color and decorate it.

Step 2: ​Making the Car

Start by taking the packaging tube and for a longer tube, deciding what length you would like for the car to be, mark the length and cut off the excess with the cutter. Then mark the center of the length and make a square with a marker or a pencil. Cut three sides of the square using the box cutter and keep one side (in the length) intact. Lift up the cardboard so it stands on the fourth side. Cut the lifted piece in half or smaller along the height to make the windscreen. Now the sitting space and the windscreen are done.

Using the sharp pointed end of the wooden skewer, make holes in the front and back of the tube on both ends, so that the skewer passes through the holes and serves as the support for the wheels. Take two wooden skewers and cut them to fit the width of the tube and be about an inch extra, and then insert them into the holes at both ends.

Take some cardboard piece from another packaging and using a small circular lid (size for the wheels and steering wheel) or a compass, make nine circles using a pencil. Cut these circles out using scissors. Glue two circles together and then repeat to make four circles of double thickness. Once done you should have four circles of double thickness each and one of single thickness. Again, using the sharp end of the skewer make holes in the centers of the four thicker circles; slide them on to the protruding ends of the skewers on both sides to make the wheels. Glue down the last remaining circle to the inner side of the windscreen to act as the steering wheel.

Step 3: Decoration

Now using

paints or makers or any other coloring medium for that matter, color the car to your choice and let dry. Once dry, seat an action figure or a doll in the car and drive them around! This is one the simple cardboard crafts.

Step 4: Small Toy Car – Option 2


The second design is one of the small cardboard box crafts. You need a box that is one piece and is assembled and not the kind that have two pieces, a lid and a base. The rest of the supplies are the same as the ones used in option 1; wooden skewers, scissors, cutter, glue, markers and/or paints, and with tape being an additional supply.

Step 5: ​Making the Car

Start by closing the box shut using tape and/or glue. It should be completely closed. Using a pencil or a marker, draw a rectangular shape (closer to a square shape) in the center of the top face of the box. Divide this drawn rectangle into four parts along the length. Using a box cutter, carefully cut it out so as to cut the outer two sides of the rectangle, leaving the front and back side of the rectangle intact. Now cut on the first marked division, so that one part is separated from the other three parts. Lift this one part to make it stand and act as the windscreen in the front of the car. Now instead of lifting, fold the cardboard inside along the back. Then valley fold along the first division mark and then inverse fold along the second division mark so as to form a seat.

Follow the same steps as mentioned in option 1 for forming and attaching the wheels and the steering.

Step 6: ​Decoration

Decorate as you would like using paints and markers.

Step 7: ​Big Cardboard Toy Car

The big cardboard toy car is a bigger version of the smaller option 2. What you would need is a sturdy box big enough to be able to seat your child. Follow exactly the same steps of sealing the box, making a rectangle shape, cutting it out to form the windscreen and the seat.

Form the wheels with extra cardboard as well as the steering wheel. Wooden dowels can be used instead of the skewers or the wheels can simply be attached to the side of the box itself. Can be glued for stationary wheels or can be attached with rivets and big sized brads to ensure that the wheels move. Decorate and paint as you wish and a toy car for your child is ready. This is one of the creative things to do with cardboard boxes.



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