Cardboard EGG Tray

Cardboard egg tray: It is very easy to make with materials in house.

It can bes made with cardboard boxes and product boxes lying idle in our houses.

Step 1: Materials Required

Cardboard box


Scissor, thermocol cutter



Pencil, marker, pen


Glue , glue paste

Step 2: How to Make

First of all take cardboard not too big or make it to size as small made in pic. Then tape all sides .

Draw circles with help of compass so that hole can be made easily. Then make holes on the top of the box with the help of cutter and scissor.

NOTE : Make holes as per the size of the egg in your area/ country .

Step 3:

Then cover the box with white paper or any other paper using glue as per your idea/ vision. Then make hole through the paper so that egg can be put.

Step 4:

At last put egg in the tray.



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