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Now gifting has never been this easier.
So why don't we try a different idea from totally easy materials? This can be said as a crafty furnishing, done with recycled egg shell and cardboard for your favorite person. We should accept that the cardboard is the most versatile maker's material. Anybody can make this great gift of course. if you are going to use it as a furniture, it would be great on the side of a bookshelf or placed on the showcase.

Here are my answers to the Make-to-Learn Contest questions:

1. What did you make?

It was a boring sunday after all. So to fight the boredom, I started looking at different people and things. my mom, dad, and the calendar: obviously it was sunday, but the date was few days after the valentine's day. But that was not a problem and I decided to make a lovely craft for my mom and dad. As it was a lonely day, I was doing this with myself and took two hours to make it perfectly. This craft consisted a base of cardboard, with some colored and shattered egg shells. The shells were colored red in the middle and light shade of blue surrounding it. I gave a contrasting color detail on the shell's base.

2. How did you make it?

It reminded me a heart shape when I saw the calendar and the word valentine's day, and I searched for materials in my home. luckily found the materials. and was sketching for how to get the best of all materials. suddenly an idea sparked out of my mind, finally after several times of planning and sketching to perfection, started making a eggshell heart, but the paint was not applied to the egg shell easily, so we made another idea. I mixed the paint and the white glue and the colors was vibrant and can be sticked on the base without additional glue.

3. Where did you make it?

It was done totally at my home at a sunday. unveiled it to my mom and dad, and got a very good admiration. I was totally happy about that. i showed my creation to other friends the next day and another bunch of applause, but not that much as from my parents, and I was satisfied.

4. What did you learn?

The biggest challenge which was solved here was the cleaning of the egg shells. first, used hot water to scrub out some paper like layer inside the shell, while scrubbing, the shells started to crack because it lost it's strength so i did it gently, And cleansed it. Another thing is placing the shell on a correct place, or else, the paint ruined the whole craft while trying to place it in a correct position. It was also difficult for distinguishing between the egg shells, so I made it again with a detail of contrast color on the base like black base for red, and red for blue, surrounding blue. Once the shell is placed, there is no need for gluing again because the paint consisted the glue with a shiny look.

Step 1: Materials Required

you'll need very few materials:
1) A large piece of cardboard, enough to cut out a heart of a size of a hand.
2) An egg.
3) A black marker
4) White glue (hot glue if optional.)
5) four different shades of paint,
and... that's all.

Step 2: Make the Egg Shells.

First, break the egg, make a breakfast with it, and take the shell separately,  now put the shell in hot water, and scrub gently inside the shell, you'll get some paper like thing. peel it off completely. be gentle because once the thing is peeled, the shell is now even weak and may crack easily. After cleansing it thoroughly, break it into smaller pieces, and keep it aside.

Step 3: Making the Whole Thing.

Take the cardboard, and draw an heart shape of the size of an hand. Cut the shape out, and segregate it into three layer, like a heart in the middle, surrounded by an outline with a distance that gives a look of a bigger heart than the first one without the middle. Finally, a layer is automatically there. Now paint with black in the middle, surrounded by red, and finally another color. Mix some amount of white glue with paint with colors of red and blue and keep it separately. try filling the middle part of the heart with the shells roughly with some space to see beneath it. Apply the red glue-paint mixture to those shells only, place the shells in the correct way. Do this again for the next layer and apply blue paint to the shells, and paste it. (note that the blue shade must be light.) If you want, you can also do that for the last layer with green, but I didn't.
And that's all, so simple. So make and enjoy!

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