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Introduction: Cardboard Gold Mirror Frame

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Not so long ago I visited St. Petersburg in Russia and I fell in love with this city.

You can find there so many interesting monuments... so many histories. I'm big fan of Dostoyevski and Tolstoy so I absorbed this city with even more intensity. My bigest love was Catherine Palace, so many beautiful things made with such artistry. It would be hard not to fell in love with all that . This short visit was my bigest inspiration for this mirror. I wanted to add little of this luxury to my room to feel even for a moment like a princess or in this case rather like czarina :-).

Step 1: Inspiration

gold gold and once again gold... love it!

Step 2: Mirror Before:

as you can see it was very plain but not without charm

Step 3: What Do You Need for This Project?

You need:

  1. cartons
  2. acrylic paints
  3. brush
  4. vicol or silicone glue
  5. napkins
  6. newspapers

Step 4: How to Make a Frame to the Mirror?

Measure the mirror and write all measurements.

Based on your measurements cut new shape of future frame. (photo1)

Before gluing compose all parts and check it on mirror (photo 2)

if it fit glue all parts together.(photo 3)

Paint new frame on basic color like cream white or beige. (photo 3)

Step 5: Decoupage Step by Step:

Now it the time for decoupage technique:

rip apart the napkins so you 'll receive only parts with pattern use vicol glue on carton frame (note that vicol glue must be mixed with water in 50/50 proportions!) compose napkins on frame and smooth them with brush dipped in glue mixture from the middle to outside (photo 1)

Blur the borders between napkins and frame with acrylic paint (photo 2)

Step 6: How to Redo a Frame to the Mirror?

To hide cardboard edges glue crumpled newspaper to them.

Step 7: How to Make a Gold Frame to the Mirror?

Paint the edges covered with crumpled newspapers, remember to cover up all parts you don't want to paint.

Step 8: Optional

with the help of acrylic paints , brush and toothbrush spray the frame with different colors and let to dry.

Step 9: How to Finish the Project?

Before you glue your new frame to the mirror wipe it little with sand paper or metal wool for better attachment.

Step 10: How Ready Mirror Looks Like?

New frame to the mirror is ready!

little luxury in the room :-)

now it's the time to check it out &(^-^)&

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