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Introduction: Cardboard Grocery Bag Recycler

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Simple to make environmentally friendly plastic bag recycler and trash compactor

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Step 1: Material Needed

Plastic grocery bags get a bad rap because they are considered environmentally evil. It is believed they are wasteful and hurtful to the land. But in many ways plastic is better. It takes far less energy and material to make a plastic bag and transport the bags than do paper bags. The biggest problem with a plastic bag is its improper disposal and it often only gets one use.

With a cardboard box you can make a quick and simple plastic bag recycler, giving your bags a second use and filling them with weight so the bags will not blow out of trash cans or away from the landfill and litter the landscape.

Step 2: Cardboard and Measurement

First find a box from which two panels 18" by 14" can be cut.

Step 3: Panel Layout

Score and cut the panels so that the center is 12" by 14" with two flaps on each side 3" wide.

Step 4: Fold Box Shape

Fold the three inch flaps to form the side panels.

Step 5: Stitch It Up

You can use tape to join the folding side panels or to make this instructable completely recycled used some old cord or shoe strings to stitch the sides together

Step 6: Fitting in Bags

Cut 1" by .5" notch at side panels upper corners and slip plastic bag handles over these notches. Place as many bags as you can into the plastic bag recycler.

Step 7: Fill With Trash, Compact and Dispose

As your day goes by and you must throwaway non-recyclables, keep a paper towel tube handy to compact your trash. The fuller the bag the heavier it will be and then it will stay at the landfill and not blow all over the landscapes.

When the bag is full simply pull it out by the handles, this will leave a fresh ready to fill bag. Then tie the full bag in a knot. You will then have a well used plastic bag ready for proper disposal. You have saved yourself money by not buying trash bags as well as keeping the countryside free of unsightly trash.

An added feature is that the plastic bag recycler folds at the side panels for easy storage in an RV or travel trailer.

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