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Introduction: Cardboard Headphone Hanger

I normally wrap the cord of my headphones when I finish using them. this became a problem as the wire inside the cable would get damaged over time. I would end up with a headphone that would half worked, this gave me an idea to create something that would help my headphone last for a longer amount of time and does not waste space. along came the Headphone Hanger!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To make the headphone hanger you will need the following...

- Cardboard

- Pen or pencil

- steel rulers

- glue

- craft knife

- cutting board

- cardboard tube (not necessary if you have something else)

- Blu tack (or anything else that can be used to attach the hanger to a door or wall)

Note: this is my first instructable I would appreciate feedback thanks. :)

Step 2: Get Your Cardboard and Pick the Cardboard You Want.

This is a good time to use some boxes you have stored somewhere.

1st get the cardboard to see what you can work with.

I've used some boxes that we had stored in the garage.

Step 3: Design and Draw.

now you can start to design the board.

make sure to design and make the board big enough according to your headphones, make sure you measure your headphones dimensions.

Step 4: Draw Your Design and Other Pieces Into Your Cardboard and Cut.

Draw the shape of your board onto the cardboard, wholes for the tube or hanger.

place your headphones on the board as reference to where it will go.

other pieces included in this step such as the cable holder, it is optional.

and of course cut these shapes out.


Step 5: Cutting the Hole for the Hanger.

when cutting the hole for the hanger it is a good idea to cut it slightly smaller than the drawing, if it doesn't fit you can always cut a bit more.

if the cut is precises the tube should fit like a glove, but if the hanger is a bit lose, or any other pieces connected to the board it is a good idea to apply some glue.

Step 6: Optional.

on my design I decided to create a piece that the headphones cable goes through to stop the cable from moving too much as when I open the door (board is going behind a door).

once that's placed the headphone hanger is finished.

Step 7: Finally Decorate and Place the Hanger on Your Wall or Door.

now you can decorate it using your imagination.

I painted sound waves into the board.

once decoration is completed put it up in your wall or door. I used blu tack as it doesn't damage the paint of the walls or doors.

this has saved me some desk space and my headphones have lasted much longer than usual, it's also saved me some room space as the board is very thin and goes behind my door.

now it's time to make yours!! reuse some materials, use different shapes, use other materials, add other components? and don't forget to take a picture and show us.

I would appreciate some feedback as this is my first instructable Thanks.

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    4 years ago

    What I like about this, is that you've thought of a solution for the wires. Most designs only provide a nice stand for the phones itself, but what about the meter or so of wire?


    Reply 4 years ago