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For this 'ible, I made the Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda. Out of cardboard. It wasn't easy...

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Step 1:

Step 2: Sand and Tape

Sand down all the edges of the shield. Also sand a bevel on the inner side of the cardboard border. Masking tape it when finished. This will give the bevel a sharper and cleaner appearance.

Step 3: Make the Triforce

Sketch it out on a piece of thin cardboard. Cut it out and construct each individual piece. They should look like pyramids with the tops cut short. Paint it yellowish gold.

Step 4: Bells and Whistles

Cut a mini bouncy ball in half and paint it grey. This will serve as the corner bolts on the bottom and side edges of the shield. Cut out the little triangles and paint grey. These will be on the top corner of the shield. Last, cut out the bird shape and paint it red. This will be the main graphic on the front of the shield.

Step 5: S-Shape Bevel

This is by far, the hardest part the construct. I used a ruler and cut out the individual pieces, folded them, than taped them together. Make two of them (they should be mirrored) and paint them grey.

Step 6: Glue It All Together

Glue on the border first, the bouncy balls second, the triforce third, the s-shape bevel fourth, then the bird last. I also gave it a layer of gloss for good measure. It looks fine without it though.

Step 7: It Looks AWESOME

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