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Introduction: Cardboard Kayak

This cardboard kayak is very fun to make and play. you can make it from old cardboard boxes you can get for free. it costs about 25 dollars to make depending on what tools you have. Now, that explained let’s start building it.

you’ll need:


1.marker glue

3.mesuring tape and pencil




7.mason spatula


1. 5 pieces of cardboard about 4ft x 4ft

2. Contact adhesive

3. Styrofoam

4. Measuring stick about five feet long [can be a long piece of wood]

5. School glue

6. Tek bond super glue

7. Screws

8. Tape

9. insulating foam

10. Tooth pins

11. Wood sealer

Step 1:

1st step

Put glue on top of both cardboard pieces, as shown, with the spatula. Wait till it dries, you know it’s dry by putting your hand on top of the glue, if it doesn’t stick you’re ready to glue both cardboard pieces together with someone’s help.

Step 2:

2nd step

Glue all five pieces of cardboard together to make a super thick cardboard, then get your ruler or measuring stick and stylet and cut all of the edges so that the edges become parallel to make a perfect piece

Step 3:

3rd step

Now I marked 25 centimeters from the beginning as shown in the first picture, then from the 25 centimeters I marked 40 centimeters, and from the 40 centimeters I marked 25cm again. From the last 25cm mark I made a line across and cut the rest off and keep it for later. Then I made lines across the cardboard from the 25cm 40cm and 25cm as shown in last picture. It should stay 80 centimeters across.

Step 4:

4th step

Now I made a line 50 centimeters from the beginning

and marked across with the stick. It should look like the last picture.

Step 5:

5th step

Now measure three centimeters from the top right side and then to the left side also as shown on the last picture.

Step 6:

6th step

Make triangles across the two top rectangles, that stay in the top corners, as shown.

Step 7:

7th step

Measure the top middle space that should be 40 centimeters. Mark the exact middle on twenty, and then make 2 lines to make another triangle as shown.

Step 8:

8th step

Now mark with blue the parts you are going to cut, then scorch it with your measuring stick and stylet. Put the cardboard on its side and cut it with your stylet. Keep the parts you just cut off because you’re going to need it later.

Step 9:

9th step

Now scorch the cardboard just a little with your stylet and measuring stick, for the cardboard to bend up.

Step 10:

10th step

Now scorch the front part and bend it up.

Step 11:

11th step

Tie both sides up with the wire.

Step 12:

12th step

Get the part you cut off earlier, measure it on the back of the boat and cut 6 pieces de same size to make a super thick piece to put on the back of the boat.

Step 13:

13th step

Glue all the pieces together and drill them with four screws. Drill it in the end of the boat with other four screws.

Step 14:

14th step

Now glue two pieces of Styrofoam together and then glue them to the boat as shown.

Step 15:

15th step

Now cut some Styrofoam pieces. Put glue on them and glue it to the boat’s seat.

Step 16:

16th step

Drill the front together and put tek bond super glue.

Measure some more Styrofoam on the top front part then cut and glue in the front part. Next glue the parts you cut off from the rectangle, as shown.

Step 17:

17th step

Take the cardboard to your yard and wet it the hoe. When the cardboard gets wet you can easily peel it, put it out on the sun to dry, with rocks on top so that the wind doesn’t blow it away.

Step 18:

18th step

Leave the cardboard drying outside while you cut some more Styrofoam. Measure it on the boat and cut it, then glue the Styrofoam to the boat and put tape to hold it till it dries.

Step 19:

19th step

You can remove the wire that was holding the cardboard side up. Then put isolating foam on basically all the cracks you find, and put a rock on front of the Styrofoam to hold it from coming forward.

Step 20:

20st step

Now bring the cardboard that was drying outside and keep it to be used in step 22. Cut off all the extra foam.

Step 21:

21st step

Bring the two triangles you cut earlier and glue them to the front of the boat. Then screw it down as shown in last picture.

Step 22:

22nd step

Measure all the parts of the seat and cut the cardboard you peeled before to cover the seat. Glue the peeled cardboard on the seat and use tooth picks to hold it down while it dries.

Step 23:

23rd step

Do the same on the front side, and put tape to hold it down while it dries. then cut another piece of cardboard to put on top and glue it with hot glue

Step 24:

24th step

Now bring the peels you peeled off and cut them into strips, and glue it

everywhere you see cardboard ends showing, you

can also print pictures to decorate your boat.

Step 25:

25th step

Now put tape all around the boat starting on the side and going around till the other side. Keep putting tape till you finish the first side then turn it on its side and keep putting tape till you get to the bottom then turn it around again and and do the last side as shown.


26th step FINAL

Now put wood sealer inside and around the boat then wait about 12 hours to use your boat to give all of the glue and sealer time to dry.

Step 27:

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    2 years ago

    Several places in your instructions you write 'glue' as in the first step you write "Put glue on top of both cardboard pieces". You call out hot glue, school glue, and contact adhesive. You might consider rewording your instructions to be clear on which glue you're using.


    3 years ago

    some picture of an adult male cruising along on that kayak would be nice..


    Reply 3 years ago

    Agreed! :D


    3 years ago

    Cool project!

    I've always wanted to build a boat. Perhaps my first should be made of cardboard! :)