Cardboard Kitchen Table V1

Introduction: Cardboard Kitchen Table V1

I recently moved into an apartment of my own and decided that I didn't need a kitchen table since I was going to eat at my Nomad desk most of the time anyway. (Thanks WhyIsThisOpen) Well, after having some friends and family over and having no where for them to eat, I reconsidered. Wondering around led me to this. This inspired me to attempt to build a kitchen table from cardboard. I couldn't find anyone else who had done it, so I gave it shot.

More cardboard
Big pieces of cardboard (Go to Walmart during restocking time to get free boxes)
All purpose glue (at least 48 oz)
Knife or knives of your choice
Yard stick or meter stick as a straight edge
Clips, clamps, or weights to hold the glued pieces in place.

The table top is made from 5 layers of cardboard with the corrugation criss-crossed. Attached to the underside are braces made of 4 layers with the outer layers wider, folded out, and glued to the table top. The legs are triangular rolls of cardboard with the corrugation running vertically. To hold the legs, I made sockets of triangular layers.

The table top is very strong. The legs are very strong. Where the legs meet the top, not so much. They wiggle. I will continue working on the joints and will update this 'ible with my results. At this point, I'm planning on adding cross-braces to the legs to minimize wiggle. Of course, any suggestions from the more seasoned cardboard builders would be appreciated.
The table is currently 66" long, 36" wide, and 34" tall. This quite tall for a table. I'm planning on shortening the legs by 2" to fix this. I am considering different options for the appearence of the table. I may cover the whole thing with project paper and then paint it, or paint it as is. For the surface, as a short term solution, I might buy a water-proof table cloth to protect the cardboard. I am, however, wanting to cover the surface with a sheet of a water-proof material, such as melamine board (which would make the surface a whiteboard)

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    4 years ago

    Thank you. This is a great green and cheap upcycle table. Question: How strong is it/would it support 20 lbs (sewing machine)?