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Introduction: Cardboard Lamp

Hi people! I'm Lauren and I follow Industrial Product Design at Howest, Kortrijk. We have a course called Creativity, and we got a new project: start from a cardboard box, and give it a new function. I chose a moving box, and I will transform it into a beautiful lampshade. Follow the next steps and you can become the same!

Step 1: Cutting the Right Size

What do you need:

  • scissors
  • cutting knife
  • pencil
  • rope
  • measuring stick

I made this lampshade with these measurements: I cut out 2 pieces of cardboard, each 25 cm x 50 cm large. I flipped the pieces that the text-sides are facing the ground. Than I fold vertically every 5 cm.

Step 2: Folding

I flipped the pieces again, with the text-sides facing you. I drew diagonal lines starting from the middle. You do this with both the pieces the same.

Step 3: Pleating

To create the perfect convex shape, you have to pleat the sides of the pieces together and give it a bit preassure. This will ensure the poofy form.

Step 4: Attach Both Pieces

It's an easy job with some scissors and rope: just make some holes and make a tough knot at the ends. Do this on both sides, so you create a bowl.

Step 5: Making a Spherical

On the bottom and top, you make again holes, so you can zigzag the rope in between them. If you pull the ends of the rope: you get the perfect shape. Leave the ends long on the top of the lampshade, to attach to the lamp itself.

Step 6: Result

Than you can attach the the last bits of rope to the lamp itself, and you have a new lampshade!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Awesome pleating pattern! If you made this with paper so it shined through, and cut out some triangles inside the other some of the pleats, you would get cool patterns on the walls.

    Two Paddles Design
    Two Paddles Design

    4 years ago

    Wow! wonderful, I think we might work out a variation of this. Thanks for posting.


    4 years ago

    really really nice
    i like it! ???