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Introduction: Cardboard Letter Lights

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I will show you how to make this Lettered shaped lights that can make your room even more beautiful.

Step 1: The Shape

First draw the shape you want to make in a piece of cardboard and cut it. You then have to cut more pieces of cardboard with the same height but with the lengths of the walls of the shape.

Step 2: Walls

Then stick these pieces to their corresponding side of the shape to make some kind of walls in the shape. To create this shape in 3D.

Step 3: Paint (optional)

I painted my shape white but it's up to you if you want to paint it and the colour you want it to be. I painted it white because it contrasted with the colour of my wall.

Step 4: Lights

Then you have to make some holes spread ou aound the the shape in which you are then going to put the light. Then with some lights (used a strip of Leds i bought in the Chinese shop) put the Leds in the holes of the shape.

Step 5: You Have Finished

Congratulations you have made a beautiful shape to decorate your room



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    If you like this instructable can you please vote for it in the light or in the cardboard contest. Thank you

    Cool; you also saved $$$ by doing it yourself. I might make 1 each for my 3 daughters, customizing each one...thank you for being so inventive!

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