Cardboard+ Lightings = Magic.



Introduction: Cardboard+ Lightings = Magic.

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Hello everyone,today in this Instructable I'am going to show couple of techniques I used to reuse the cardboard. Since our's is a provision stores the cardboards are the most handy things. Daily thousands of them are sent for recycling, So I thought of reusing them for Decorative purposes. In this Instructable I am going to make a mood light that can be used as a wall hanging and also as a desktop lamp.

so, let's get started....!!?

Step 1: What You Need:

You need Cardboards , The templates and a


Step 2: The Template:

Take printout of a circle and a triangle that fits nicely inside the circle,that is the sides of the triangle intersect with the circumference of the circle.

next cut them , paste it on to a cardboard again cut them.

then your cardboard templates are ready.

Step 3: The Building Blocks:

Using your Cardboard template mark the circles on a cardboard then cut them using Box Cutter or scissors.

then place the triangle template inside it and bend the sides that are out of the triangle as shown in the above images.

Step 4: THE TOP:

By joining the building blocks side to side you can make the top section . Number of blocks is your choices, above 4 is good . I Will go with 5.

Join them as shown in above pictures .

Now you have the Top Section , make two of them (see next step to know why).

Step 5: Rest of the Body:

After doing the top section you will be left with 5 arc shaped cardboard portion. Glue 5 building blocks to the arc shaped portion of each blocks. Make the arc shaped portions overlap each other(this helps in gluing).

After gluing the 5 blocks to the top have to insert another 5 blocks in between them this time Inverted.(see the images for better understanding.)

Again you will be left with 5 arc shaped cardboard portion. Now attach the another Top section that I told you to do in the previous step.(Glue it by overlapping the arc shaped portions of both the sections).


But I think it can get more attractive.

SEE images you will get an Idea.

Step 6: Cutting and Painting:

Cut the small triangles as in the images .

Cover those cardboard thingy and paint them with colour of your choice.

I painted it white on all the sides, but black on bottom.

But you can paint the whole thing white you will get light from all the sides(you will get an idea about it in Next Step).

Step 7: Filling Light:

Cover the holes with the whit paper.Take an LED strip you can choose colour changing one it would look awesome with that. But I had these LEDs lying around . So I decided to use them . Take A pipe or make a Cylindrical shape using the Cardboard. By peeling the protective layer behind the LED strip glue it to the cylindrical shape or a pipe. Then by making a hole on the top insert the pipe into it.

I soldered wires to Led strip and extended it out of the mde lamp through the pipe, by making a grove on the pipe as shown in the above images.

I also soldered a dc jack. at the end of the extended wire.

Power it with a 12volts power supply and Enjoy.

Step 8: Moment of Truth:

here are the few stunning photos, Its effect when Lights are off is truly amazing.

The colour is mixed within the Lamp and if you use a wifi controlled Led strip it will be truly fantabulous.

The photos were taken by Mobile , the real effect is even better than the photos.

Step 9: A Simple Ambient Word Hanging:

Take a printout of A word of your choice,

It should Be

1. well BIG.

2. be wise and choose the font that has joined letters.

Then glue it to a cardboard of suitable size and cut it accordingly. Paint it .

Step 10: Fill in With Lights:

Glue those LED strip, By cutting them into a strip of 3 LED.

Cover the whole word with lights as much as possible.

solder all those in Parallel, that is positive to Positive and negative to negative.

Add a dc Jack and connect it to a 12v adapter or power supply.

And you made it , its that simple.

Step 11: Moment of Truth:

when the lights are on its red, but when the lights are off its Amazing to look at.

If you enjoyed these. Do vote for me in cardboard Contest.

Thank you For Reading.

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