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The idea for this Instructable came from 2 things: one, I got a mini basketball at a game last night, and two, I was bored earlier this afternoon. I am now going to describe how to make a mini basketball hoop out of a cardboard box, some tape, string, and a bit of creativity.

First, get all your materials and tools together:

- Cardboard box (mine was approx. 12" long x 8" wide x 8" deep, but it just has to be big enough for your ball)

- Tape (I used blue painter's tape since that was what I had on hand, anything should work but stronger will be better)

- String (I used this to tie the finished hoop to my bedframe, so you may need to get creative with how you mount this in your space)

- Knife/box cutter (whatever works for you to cut the box with)

Now lets get started (I made this before deciding to make an instructable, so you will see two different boxes in the pictures).

Step 1: Cut the Box and Make the Ball Return

So first, we need to make sure both ends of the box are completely open. Cut any tape or whatnot that is holding the flaps together on the top and bottom (make sure you don't cut the sides yet). It should look like the first picture after this. This will be the main hoop part

Next, we are going to begin working on the ball return. On either the top or bottom (doesn't matter which, they should be the same), cut halfway (don't cut all the way through!) through one of the shorter flaps at an angle that will be the angle of the ball return. Mirror this on the other side. Then tape these to one of the longer flaps. Now cut the final flap on the bottom off. This will then be added to the ball return. Make sure to do a good job taping, you don't want this falling apart in the middle of an epic 3-pointer!

For the final part of the ball return, we need to cut a section out of the front of the box. I would only go about 1/2 way up, but I have not tried making it thinner. This will then be attached again to the ball return to give it more "out" motion and also more room for the ball.

Now the ball return is finished, and there are only a few more things to do!

See pictures for clarification.

Step 2: Finish the Hoop

Now, we need to cut the front long flap on the top of the box. This will be in the way of a clean shot (if you are good at bball, you could leave this on so that you will not have a backboard, but I am not good so I took it off). After this is cut off, save the piece to use to mount the hoop and also for support. You also could cut off the side flaps to add extra challenge, but I did not on mine (see above for reason).

Step 3: Support and Mount the Hoop

Now you need to decide how will work for you to mount the hoop. I used string and tied it to the bedframe in my dorm room. See picture for how I did this. This is where you may need some creativity. If you have strong enough tape, you could potentially tape it to the wall or your door (Disclaimer, this will probably leave a sticky residue, so do not get mad at me if you try it and it does). You need to make sure that it is strong enough to stay up after continuous shooting.

After you decide how you are going to mount the hoop, you now need to put the final support piece on the back. This is what I put holes in for my string and it also supports the "backboard".

Now you should have a finished mini basketball hoop made mostly (or entirely) out of things sitting around at home! Let me know what you think, this is the first Instructable that I have made. Also, if you think this is good, please vote for it in the "On a Budget Contest". Thanks for reading!



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