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Introduction: Cardboard Pencil Box

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make an awesome custom pencil box made from a soda box. This project only takes 5-10 minutes to make and it is really easy to make. This project is great because instead of throwing away your soda box you can repurpose them to be a great pencil box!

Step 1: Find a Box

For this project you need a box. This box can be a soda box, cereal box, or any other box you like the only catch is that it must be made of the thin cardboard.

Step 2: Template

To build this box you can use this template to assist you in making your own custom pencil box.

  • Print off this picture to use as a template

Step 3: Open the Box

We will now open the box being careful not to damage the sides.

Step 4: Cut Box

For this step we will trace around the template and cut it out.

  • Make sure you pick the best side and design for your box

Step 5: Fold

Now we can fold the box. Using the template and a ruler make creases on the dashed lines.

  • When folding hold the ruler on the dotted line and fold the edge over the ruler
    • This will give you a nice straight fold

Step 6: Constructing the Box

For this step we will finish the box.

  • Put tape on the inside of the tabs and seal it as well as you can
  • Using glue fill the crack and hold it closed with more tape
  • Let it dry

Step 7: Finish

All you need now is a way to close the box. For this we will be using a small patch of velcro.

Step 8: Done!

Now that the glue has dried we are now ready to fill it up with pencils. This project is great for kids. It's easy for them to make and they can use it in school! I hope you enjoyed this instructable and build your own! If you did like it leave a comment and vote for this project! Thanks!

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