Cardboard Phone Stand From a Calendar




Another cell phone stand made with old desktop calendar.

Step 1: Obtain an Obsolete Deskop Calendar

Find an old desktop calendar. Remove the month pages and the rings.

Step 2: Cut According to Plan

Unfold the cardboard. Making use of the calendar base as the back of the stand, align the middle line of the base with the plan and cut out the shape.
You may also avoid the original wordings or unwanted patterns to be shown on the phone stand.
The stand consists of two components, the back and the link. You may make a longer link and cut out more notches to cope with different sizes of phones.

Step 3: Put Them Together!

Slip the link to from the bottom of stand along the notches. Make sure the distance between the flaps is smaller than the width of the phone. Adjust the distance in between by slip in different notches on the link.



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