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Introduction: Cardboard Pocketwatch

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I originally made this watch for a contest but didn't finish before the deadline, so I gave it as a gift to the boss/owner of the Packaging & Printing company my mother works at because about 80% of what they sell is corrugated. The watch was the hit of the company Holiday party!

The only non-corrugated pieces are the watch guts I saved from a broken pocketwatch.



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    I can't wait till ur step by step!

    If possible, Im gonna try to make a pocket watch cell phone instructable. but as a question, whats the diameter of this pocket watch you made?

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    I think it was around 2-1/4" in diameter, and another inch or so for the loop connecting to the chain. The original housing was around the same diameter, but the cardboard one was probably twice as thick.

    This is a GREAT idea, and I would love to know how you constructed it in a step by step process!

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    I'm working on a step-by-step but the photos I took of my process have lighting and focus issues due to a not so top of the line camera (one of the reasons I entered this photo instructable in a contest). I'll probably end up making a second pocketwatch to keep for myself ;-) and document that process.