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Need to carry some art/paintings/posters and don't have a proper sized case?
Make one

Materials needed:
measuring tape
mat knife and straight edge to cut cardboard nail or awl to poke holes
string/ paracord / braided rope/ or whatever is handy
packing tape.... or whatever is handy scissors or blade to cut tape

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Step 1: Measure for Your Needs

figure out the size of your cargo and add ½ to 1 inch to that (the extra inch insures the art will fit and easy in & out) find a sheet of cardboard big enough.

Example: 16x20” art. So the width and height is 17 x21”

I'll be carrying 4 of them so let's say it needs to be 4 inches deep.

So the 2 sides of 17x21” joined with a 4x21” panel (see illustration) Use the straight edge cut the cardboard carefully AND to make a neat fold. If you have additional card board you can make side panels (in this example it would be 2 pieces of 4x17”) I have gone with or without side panels.

Step 2: Poke Holes

you will need to thread your rope through and around the box

to do this poke some holes measure to find the center of your front & back panels.
The holes will need to be a few inches in from the top & bottom and a few inches out from the center.
4 holes on the front & back panel making for a total of 8 holes. (see illustration)

Step 3: Thread Rope

its easier to start at the bottom panel

rope on the outside of the bottom.... goes INTO the bottom holes and up OUT OF the top holes
tie for a handle.

Tape the sides

add in side panels if you wish
packing tape MUST be cut, it cannot be torn
that is why I prefer the packing tape over any other type of tape
but if you don't have any.... use what you do have.

Step 4: FInish It

you can decorate the portfolio if you wish

Step 5: Additional

If the art you wish to carry is larger than 18x24” consider rolling it and using a heavy duty cardboard tube as a portfolio carry.
You can use a similar method as the boxes.... except wrapping the rope around the outside instead of threading it through. Secure with tape.

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