Cardboard Props: Inhaler

Introduction: Cardboard Props: Inhaler

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Well, another prop for the show, another Instructable for the masses.

In one sketch they require an Inhaler... and I wasn't EXACTLY happy with sending a kid on stage with a real inhaler... Pluss, I don't know anyone who would give one up for a week! hehe

So in this instructable, using the same principles of cardboard construction i will give you an idea of how to make a basic Inhaler prop for use on stage... From a distance you won't notice that its just card glue and abit of luck (hopefully)

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Step 1: Ingredients!

What you shall need:

* Cardboard - I used some 3mm card from a box i got from the store.. Recycle and all that
* Cutting implements- I tend to use a knife, but a good sharp pair of scissors will do
* Ruler
* Pen/Pencil
* Glue- Because i'm lazy, i tend to use a hot melt gun because the glue drys quickly and ads rigidity to small scale peices, but PVA or superglue will work equally as well, just remember to factor in glue drying times
* White paper
* Plastic or cardboard tube
* About 45 minutes to make

Step 2: The EASY Bit

Now, if you have seen my other instructables, i tend to do things by eye, and this instructable is no different, i will hopefully give you some dimensions but feel free to juggle arround with them as you see fit (see picture for measurments)

Okay, in the picture i have arranged all the peices you will need to cut out to create the 'body' of the inhaler. This consitutes two side peices, a top front peice,  a mid peice, and a back peice (also labled)

You will notice that on the right hand side there i have included the faux-medicine container, i will also explain how to do that  :)

So, mark out and cut out all but the back peice and put to one side...

With the plastic tube, I suppose you COULD just use a roll of white paper secured to the diamiter you need... but sinc ei had some tube laying round, i just put in a rectangle of white paper to change it from being clear to a white tube... simple really... abit like me ;)

Step 3: The Not So Easy FIDDLY Bit


To cut your back peice...

Like in my instructable for making the 80's Cell phone I have drawn two paralell lines the width that i would like my inhaler to be (2.5cm) By marking the points of the side peice, i hope its a little clearer what i'm doing:

Line up point one withthe edge of the uncut cardboard... and mark where point two sits... Move your side peice so that point two is in the position in my photo and mark point three... Mark the rest of the corners in the same way... THIS should give you a complete strip of card that will wrap round your side peices when you put your peices together (see secnod picture, see how it curves round the side peice?) You may need to score where the bends in the card will be ( I did)

Step 4: GLUE It Like You Mean It!

This is the part I enjoy... well... I don't enjoy gluing my fingers together... or burning myself with hot melt glue... but you get me.

I found it easier to glue the side peices onto the mid peice (as in picture one)
I then glued on the long back peice from the previous step
Then lastly i glued on the top font peice and all was 3D with the world!

Step 5: THE END!

This picture just shows the base coat of paint but you get the idea.

All idid to finish the inhaler was to insert the tube (hehehe) I don't think this needs gluing in, i shall leave this to you

but well... REALLY that is all there is to it!

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It's a nice prop, but I would think you could get hold of an empty one easily enough. As kids we used to use them as plaster-casts for Action-Men, or out-of-Action-Men I guess...?



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I could have, but then it leaves it open to someone thinking its one of the casts inhaler and walking off with it out of my props room... As in the main picture i do have a spare (empty) inhaler laying arround, but there are just too many variables... With Gang show being what it is I will get cast from beavers (arround 6 years old) to adults coming and going through my props room... and i just didnt want them walking off with it or trying to use it in an emergency or whatever. The advantage with making this as a prop is that it is also abit bigger so the audience in the cheep seats will proberly find it easyer to see :)