Cardboard Robot Laundry Folder!





Introduction: Cardboard Robot Laundry Folder!

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This robot is capable of folding shirts and pants in under 2 seconds! This robot's entire body is made from cardboard.making this bot consisted of cutting cardboard and adding servos to push up each cardboard piece. Duct tape acted as the hinges and string. Hope you like it and please vote! A video of this robot is on youtube, .



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    youtube video is "private"

    Maybe consider some way of lightly clipping the shirt on so it holds it while it folds it over, but drops it once it's folded? That would make it into an everyday use object :)

    How to work as hell just because you're too lazy to fold you own T.shirt !!!…
    Great invention ! …

    Genius! :) Exactly the sort of thing I dreamed of when I was young... keep at it!

    What a great idea! Now I can blame the wrinkles on the robot and claim it's not my own laziness. ;)