Cardboard Sci-Fi Action Playset for LEGO

Introduction: Cardboard Sci-Fi Action Playset for LEGO

Cardboard Sci-Fi Action Playset

We never have enough LEGO bricks to build the houses and structures we dream of.
So we do it with cardboard.

Time: Medium approx. 6 hours

Costs: Not measurable


  • Cardboard Stripes
  • Paperprints in Color
  • Acrylic Paint


  • Papercutter ( the next copyshop should have one )
  • Colorprinter
  • Cutting Knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • Brushes

Step 1: How to Do It

How to do it:

Make a Google Picture Search with these keywords:

  • sci-fi door decals
  • sci-fi floor texture
  • sci-fi wall texture
  • sci-fi panel texture
  • sci-fi monitor texture


  • Print the desired pictures
  • Take the size of the floor picture and the door pictures for measuring the size of the cardboard baseplate and the height of the walls
  • Cut the baseplate and stripes of cardboard for walls and interior
  • If you want to have functioning doors an windows, cut them out of the wall stripes
  • We did sliding doors
  • Glue the walls to the baseplate
  • Before we put the stickers on, we painted the whole thing.
  • We mixed different blobs of grey, applied them with a sponge and smudged and blended them together
  • Same with all the interior
  • First build, then paint, finally attach the stickers
  • We didn't glue the interior to the walls and bottom so that the playset is highly customizable

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