Cardboard Shelves

Introduction: Cardboard Shelves

As you probably can tell by the state of art TV this was made about 17 years ago when I was at university. It was made entirely from cardboard boxes with a bit of string to tie the ends on the base, no glue was used. It was very strong.

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Step 1: Construct Pieces

You will need to cut out various lengths of card. My pieces were 5cm thick. Every 5cm cut a slit half way down (2.5cm) from the top downwards. The length will depend upon your requirements but leave an additional 2.5 cm on each end. Cut both length pieces and width pieces and slot together to make a grid. The X shaped pieces are made in the same way but just measure the diagonal length across the square, these sizes will differ slightly depending upon the thickness of card you use. Cut prices of card to fit both diagonals and cut slots in the middle of these so they slide together. Try making all joints as tight a fit as possible.

Step 2: Construct Panels

Construct 2 side panels and 3 shelf panels as seen in the pictures. The dimensions I used can be seen in the diagram, but you can alter these to suit your own requirements. Construct two side panels but leave one row empty at the top and bottom and in the middle. This will allow you to slide the shelves through the gaps. You may need to leave more rows empty if you want more shelves.

Step 3: Tie Off Base to Flatten

You will need to flatten the bottom edge of both side pieces. I folded the card over and tied with string, obviously you could tape it if you wished. This flattens the edges to allow it to stand correctly.

Step 4: Assemble

Push the shelves through the side panels on both sides. Fill any gaps with the smaller X shapes and put and fastening piece on the ends. The fastening piece is exactly the same as other pieces but you may have to enlarge the slits as they need to go through two pieces of card.

Step 5: Finished

All done thanks for looking.

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