Cardboard Shoe Rack

Introduction: Cardboard Shoe Rack


I am Kristof, for school we needed to make someting from a corrugated cardboard box.

I chose to make a shoe rack, the rack fits one pair of shoes. You can add more boxes to the side and top.

This tutorial shows you how this is made for these shoes, if you have other shoes the box will be different but the principles for making stays the same.

Step 1: Tools

To make this project you will need:

- Shoebox

- Ruler

- Hard metal ruler to make the bends

- Pencil

- Utility knife

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Take the bottom of the box.

For the horizontal lines on this box I measured 8 cm from the bottom and 7 cm from the top.

The middle folding line is at 21 cm from the bottom.

After erverything is measured cut the lines with the scissors on them.

As said before: different shoes = different shoe box = different measurements.

Also take attention if the box is broad enough to accomondate the shoes side by side. If this is not the case: turn the box.

Step 3: Folding

Fold the cut-out. The fold lines have no scissors on them.

To make bends you best use a metal ruler.

At the bottom there is an extra cut-out to make a stronger bond and insuring the stand won't slide out of the back.

Step 4: Result

Congratulations! You just made a shoe rack out of your old shoe box.

Thank you for reading.

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