Cardboard Sliced Chipmunk

Introduction: Cardboard Sliced Chipmunk

This instructable shows you how you can create a cardboard sliced chipmunk using 123D Catch and 123D Make

You will need:

1) An interesting object to capture
2) A simple camera (your phone camera will do)
3) 123D Catch to capture the object
4) 123D Make to create slices. You can either download the desktop version or use the online app.

Step 1:

Step 1 Capturing the 3D Object

Download 123D Catch from You will need an Autodesk Account to use the application.

Use your camera to capture @ 35-40 images. Refer to the tips to get good results

Upload the images into 123D Catch and wait as your 3D model is created. Once you get a model that is satisfactory, strip away all the unwanted parts using the selection tool + delete

You can publish the model to the gallery if you wish to share it with the world. If not, it will be available only to you in the My Corners tab.

Step 2:

Step 2 Creating Slices

123D Make allows us the generate slices of the 3d Object. You can either use the desktop version or the online version. I will be using the online version.

Open 123D Make online and login to view the My Corner items.

Drag-drop the model you created using 123D Catch. This should load the sliced version of the object.

Try messing around with the object size and orientation till you get good results.
Here is my final work. Have a look

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