Cardboard Snowy Tree

Introduction: Cardboard Snowy Tree

I decided in order to get into the winter spirit and to add to my phase of loving to draw nature, I decided to make a cardboard snowy tree! This looks great in bedrooms and definitely adds to that winter wonderland look you may be going for.

Anyway, this is a fun project that anyone with a creative spirit and a love for crafts.

Step 1: Gather Materials.


Marker(s), I used a black Sharpie


Paint. You can use whatever colors you want, but I used browns and ambers.

Scissors and/or an X-acto knife

Plain white paper

Hot glue gun

Glue stick

Step 2: Make the Tree Outline.

Draw the outline of a tree on a large piece of cardboard with a marker that has a clearly visible color. If you can’t draw trees very well, use the veins on your wrist as inspiration.

Step 3: Cut Out the Tree.

Cut out the tree with either scissors or an X-acto knife. Make sure to have a cutting board under the cardboard, and be careful. I suggest using an X-acto knife on the more detailed parts.

Step 4: Make the Outline of the Base.

Draw a square/rectangular shape on a either a different or the same piece of cardboard (depending on the size of the tree). Like with the tree, use a marker with a clearly visible color. The size of this rectangle can vary from tree to tree, but you want in to be as long as the tree’s branch length.

Step 5: Cut Out the Base.

Cut the square/rectangle out with scissors. This will be the base we glue the tree to at the end.

Step 6: Paint!

Now for the fun part!

Paint the tree and base any color(s). Make sure with the tree, you let the first side you painted dry before turning it over.

Step 7: Make the Snow Blobs.

Using your pencil, draw blobs of snow that would fit the branches of the tree on the paper. They can be whatever size you think would work best. Use the pencil, because then you can erase it if you make a mistake.

Step 8: Cut Out the Blobs.

Cut them out. It’s okay if the cut is messy, because we’ll put glue on the pencil-marked side.

Step 9: Copy the Blobs.

Trace them on either a separate sheet of paper or the same one. These will be used on the other side of the tree.

Step 10: Cut Those Out.

Step 11: Glue the Snow to the Tree.

Glue the snow pieces to the tree, putting identical ones in the same spot on either side. The two sides should be identical. If not, move them around as much as you need to until they are.

Step 12: Attach the Tree to the Base.

Hot glue the tree to base. DON'T BURN YOURSELF! Hold the tree to the base as the glue dries to secure the tree.

Step 13: Enjoy the Finished Product!


You've just successfully made a tree out of cardboard!

Put it in your room, hang things on it, use it in whatever way you like. Good job, you!

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    2 years ago

    That's an awesome looking tree!