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Where I work we go through hundreds of these little boxes, all of the PLC CPU's and IO modules come in them.

They are very sturdy and make great little storage boxes, too good in fact to the point I have heaps of them in my van holding assorted components.

The papercraft competition has inspired me to organise my organisation.

This instructable will show you how to make a storage box roll with 4 compartments and a velcro closure.

Step 1: What's Required

  • For this instructable you will need:
  • Small cardboard boxes, the number is up to you and how big you want to make your roll
  • A large sheet of cardboard
  • A sharp knife
  • A pen
  • Some duct tape

Not shown:

  • A straight edge
  • A set square
  • Hot glue gun

Step 2: Marking Up

Start by making a straight edge, this doesn't necessarily have to be straight relative to the rest of the sheet as this is our starting point. What is important is that this line is at 90 deg to the corrugations in the cardboard, the reason for this will become clear soon.

Use the set square to get the second edge.

Then measure the height of the stacked boxes and cut for height. You may notice I did not set the length of the sheet yet. This is because the overall length is determined by the length of the sides of the boxes plus one extra side for the closure. You also need to account for the extra space required by the folds on the corners.

Set one of the boxes against the bottom corner, mark the edge then roll the box 90 deg and mark again, follow this all the way along until you have all 4 sides. Leave the closure for now.

Step 3: Fold Up

Using the straight edge fold the cardboard at the first marking, if you did it correctly the corrugations in the cardboard will make this really easy.

Place a box in the top and bottom of the roll, push them hard into the corner of the fold and start to roll the backboard. Keep rolling until all four side and an extra flap have been formed. The reason for leaving the closure until not is that there is an extra amount of material required to make the wrap over the completed roll.

Cut the backboard to length so the closure doesn't protrude beyond the roll edge.

Step 4: Prepare Boxes

The boxes are great but the little flaps inside get in the way.

Trim these off with your knife.

Step 5: Add the Boxes

Place the first box with some hot glue at the bottom left corner.

I used some duct tape to reinforce this box in particular, both because it was the first box laid down and this one also serves as the foot of the roll when it stands so there is increased strain on this box.

Glue the rest of the boxes, fit them so that they are directly above the last one placed, rotated 90 deg and glued to the next flap (see the image and this is easier to understand). I also needed to play with orientation to ensure I could open the lids.

Step 6: Closure and Test

Add a strip of self adhesive velcro to the closure flap, this will help to keep the roll closed and together and to keep everything looking tidy.

Once the glue is cooled you can roll it out and fill it up. Enjoy



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    2 years ago

    Brilliant - simple - inexpensive - many possibilities. I can see this in the corner of my sewing room with laces, yarns, etc., and another one for the grandkids' Legos and other toys that can be grouped together, with their artwork on the outside. Wow!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Great Idea, I love how simple it is. It would make things so much more organised and compact.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    That's a great idea. If you made it out of more substantial materials, like wood, it would be a great shop organizer.

    1 reply
    Left-field Designszposner

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes I was thinking that if it were made with some dark wood and some nice hinges, it would make a nice jewelry box for my wife