Cardboard Table - Shelf - Picture Frames




Hello! The purpose of this creation was to take advantage of wall space to put some toys in the closet of the mess (toy's room) in an organized and easily accessible. I hope you enjoy.


Step 1: Materials Needed:

- Scraps of cardboard in sizes:

1 for an A4 (21.0 x 29.5 cm) 1 (26 x 22 cm) and 2 (26 x 1.2 cm) and 1 (18x2 cm)

- A barbecue skewer

- Hot glue

- A piece of Velcro

- Photos, designs or advertising material

- Ruler, knife, scissors, glue, etc ...

Step 2: Assembly

Cut the sheets of cardboard as measured.

Note: the meaning of "stripes" of the cardboard should be horizontal. following the design of the court.

OBs 2.: On the sheet where you have the various measures is not to cut completely. Straight cut two layers. The cardboard I used three layers (top middle and bottom), interspersed by the ripples. It'll be like a concertina movement, opening and closing.

The layer should be cut to the outside. See figure.

The sheet of cardboard to keep the party split down 2cm and 1.5 cm up. At the top, put the stick of barbecue inside the cardboard as a guide.

Paste the side straps and attach the severed strip of cardboard, taking care to put the barbecue skewer so as not to peel off the strips.

glue the bottom and slide the top to make a 90 degree angle. That done, use the strip of cardboard 18cm x 2cm as a stop, pinning her.

The shelf-portaretratos framework is ready. Just put the pictures, drawings or even propaganda as I did. To fix it on the wall I used a piece of Velcro and glue.

Note that for being fragile, can not bear too much weight to put some more toys, the branch broke.

Step 3: Finally Assembled

Can be used as a frame, a picture frame or a piece of propaganda simply putting a sticker.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome coz I made it and it become very handy as now I take a lot of my pictures of my small projects by putting it on the stand and there is a sticker with the instructables logo and my name on it so those will appear on the background!

    2 replies