Cardboard Tatting Shuttle



Introduction: Cardboard Tatting Shuttle

Old clothes' tags can be made into tatting shuttles or thread winders .

Step 1: Trash to Treasure

Materials required to make cardboard shuttles are clothes' tags , scissors, paper punch, pencil

Step 2: Drawing the Shuttle' Template

On a clothe's tag , draw a shuttle template.

Step 3: Punch Holes Etc

After cutting the shape , make holes with a paper punch & also make slits diagonally shown in the photo.

Step 4: Winding the Thread

Once the template is ready wind the thread using slits in the cardboard.

Step 5: Many Cardboard Shuttles

Using the first template , draw the pattern on other clothes' tags . punch holes &make slits near the punched holes & many cardboard shuttles are ready.

Step 6: Ready to Tat

Cardboard shuttles along with other tatting shuttles are ready . for tatting work.

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