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Hi everyone!

My name is Habiba and I LOVE working with cardboard! I love making anything and everything. To date, I have made over fifty different crafts from cardboard.

In this Instructable I will be showing you (step by step) how to make a tea time set completely from cardboard.

Please bear with me as this is my first Instructable.

Please vote for me in the cardboard contest.

Thank you

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need the following things for this project:

1) Lots of cardboard boxes

2) Exactor knife

3) Glue (hot and stick)

4) Ruler and measuring tape

5) Pencil

6) Scissors

7) Decoration beads (rhinestones)

8) Cotton buds

9) Stapler

10) Lots of time and patience!

Step 2: The Tray

Using any available tray as a sample, do the following:

1) Trace out the tray on to the cardboard and then cut it out (for the base).

2) Measure around the tray (circumference) and cut out a long strip (corrugated cardboard preferably) for the rim around the tray. The measurements of my tray are: 135cm by 7cm.

3) For the handles, cut out two strips of cardboard, each measuring approximately 50cm long and 5cm wide. Fold in half. Make a slight slip in the middle on both ends of the handles (to fit into the tray).

4) Glue the long strip along the base of the tray

5) Slip and glue the handles on to both sides of the tray.

Step 3: The Teapot

1) Draw and cut out 11 pentagons (7cm each).

2) For the spout cut out four small triangles and glue them next to each other (6cm).

3) For the handle cut a strip of cardboard measuring 30cm long and 3cm wide and fold in half.

4) Now glue the pentagons together as follows:

a) Take one pentagon and use it as the base

b) Then glue a pentagon on all five sides of the pentagon that was used as the base.

c) Now glue the remaining pentagons until the teapot is formed.

5) Cut out two more pentagons, one for the lid and one for the base. Glue a knob (anything will do) on top of the lid.

6) Now glue the handle on one side of the teapot.

7) Take the triangles and glue on opposite side of handle to make the spout.

8) Lastly, decorate your teapot as desired. I used rhinestones all around.

Step 4: The Tea Cups and Coffee Mug

You can make as many cups and mugs as you want. I made two tea cups and one mug.

1) Cut out 2 small pentagons (5cm).

2) For the handle cut out a long strip measuring 24cm long and 3cm wide.

3) Draw and cut out 10 rectangles measuring 6cm long and 5cm wide.

4) Now take one pentagon and glue the rectangles on each of the five sides of the pentagon.

5) Glue the handle on one side.

6) Repeat steps for the second tea cup.

7) Decorate as desired.


1) For the mug, draw and cut out a small circle. The radius should be approximately 4cm.

2) Measure around the circle and cut out a long strip of cardboard measuring 30cm long and 9cm wide.

3) For the handle cut a small strip measuring 24cm long and 3cm wide and fold in half.

4) Now take the long strip and glue it around the circle.

5) Glue the handle to one side.

6) Decorate your mug as desired.

Step 5: The Milk Jug

1) Draw and cut out a small circle. Radius should be approximately 3cm.

2) Measure around the circle and cut out a strip according to the measurements (21cm long, 10cm wide)

3) Cut a strip for the handle measuring 24cm long and 3cm wide. Fold in half.

4) Add a small semi-circle for the top.

5) Glue the strip around the circle and the handle on one side.

6) Fill with cotton buds to resemble milk.

7) Decorate milk jug as desired.

Step 6: The Sugar Bowl

1) Draw and cut out 6 pentagons (6cm each).

2) Take one pentagon and use it as the base.

3) Glue the remaining pentagons on the five sides of the pentagon.

4) Decorate as desired.

Step 7: The Peacock Clock

The peacock clock looks best with corrugated cardboard.

1) Cut out 15 strips of cardboard measuring 30cm long and 3cm wide.

2) Fold the strips in half.

3) Staple the folded strips on three places (on both ends and in the middle).

4) Now staple the strips next to each other in-between the two spaces (see pictures).

The Base of the Clock

1) For the base of the clock, draw and cut out a rectangle measuring 20cm long and 16cm wide.

2) Cut out four strips, 2 strips measuring 16cm long and 6cm wide and the other 2 measuring 20cm long and 6cm wide.

3) Glue the strips to the sides of the rectangle.

Assembling the Clock

1) Take the clock and open the stapled strips around the clock that it looks like the feathers of a peacock (when opened up).

2) Glue the peacock-feathered shape onto the clock (see pictures).

3) Glue clock on to the base.

4) Decorate as desired.

Step 8: The Cake

1) Cut out 20 small circles.

2) Cut out a triangle from each circle.

3) Glue all the circles on top of each other. Be sure to use EXTRA GLUE to give a real glazed effect to the cake.

4) Glue all the triangle pieces for the slice together.

5) Decorate the cake as desired.

Step 9: The Cupcakes

1) Cut out 10 mini circles.

2) Glue them on top of each other.

3) Decorate the cupcakes with colour cotton, rhinestones, colour tape, newspaper, glitter, etc.

4) Make a few square-shaped cakes using the same instructions above.

Step 10: The Cake Stand

1) Take two different sized plates and trace them on the cardboard. Cut them out.

2) Measure the circumference of both plates and cut out strips long enough to wrap around the circle.

3) Glue the strips of cardboard around the circles.

4) Take a paper towel roll and glue the larger circular tray to the bottom.

5) Glue the smaller circular tray to the top of the paper towel roll.

6) Decorate the stand as desired.

7) Place cakes and cupcakes inside the trays

Step 11: Set Up Tea Tray

Set up the tea tray as desired. Add a "TEA TIME!" sign to the project.



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