Cardboard Tombstones




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exacto knife
Elmers glue
Drywall compound
Acrylic paint: black,gray, white
Big paint brush
Detailing brush
Marine varnish( waterproofing)
Hot glue
Glue sticks
Bottle with tight lid( I use the red coffee ones they work really good Good 4 that)
Creepy Mirror decals( dollar tree)
Sand ( free)
Ziplock bags or double plastic bags
Fake flowers( dollar tree)

How to make Paper mache:

4 cups of flour
Pinch of salt
2 cups of water
2 tsp vinegar
elmers glue
Mix well until mixture resembles a thin pancake batter

How to make paper clay:
2 -3 cups of paper mache mixture
3 drywall compound
Lots and lots of recycled paper bits( you can get the at Home Depot for a couple dollars)
Mix and form a soft dough form
Refrigerate 24 hours before using

( if it's too gooey add paper bits a little at a time to bulk it up)

This tombstone was made with a total of 0.00 dollars, I had absolutely everything I used, if u do need to buy all of this would probably run you 21 dollars with out the marine varnish , marine varnish is something you should absolutely have all the time it's amazing to waterproof and a tiny bit goes a long way, and it can run in the expensive side but if u buy in small containers you can have them handy for projects like these

Step 1: Build and Structure

This one is pretty easy , in order to make a sturdy cardboard tombstones, they need "bones" to keep it upright, and to keep everything in place, so I opened up my box, added an "x"'shape on the middle , make sure to tape it down and hot glue it on both sides, I added weight on top of it just to make sure it stuck to it, once completely dry, add 2 or 3 ziplock bags full of sand inside , this will weigh your tombstone down( no more running after them to the neighbors yard) add tape to sides to seal it and get it ready for paper mache.

Step 2: Paper Mache , Clay and Details

Cover it completely , top and bottom with paper mache and newspaper strips, add the creepy mirror cling, secure it with paper mache , wait 24 hours then proceed with paper clay for details.

Now paper clay this one is amazing, I love working with this stuff, start by adding dimension for the tombstone anything you want, anything goes,
I knew I wanted to 1. frame the picture and 2. add flowers, so I started adding and molding , just remember wait 24 hours after you apply the clay so it can stay there pretty good, I then cut out RIP in cardboard and used more clay to form the letters and adhere them to
The structure, as a very last thing I added little triangle things that are gonna be used as bases for flowers I figured it's better to have everything in one. I did adhere my little base a little crooked but I fixed it with clay :).

Step 3: Paint and Varnish

This is a pretty easy one, spray paint in its entirety, I used 1 can for the whole tombstone but there's a couple little spots I can see , let it sit a couple hours, once completely dry do your marine varnish all over this will water prof your structure and you'll thank me on your first rainstorm :) add the flowers any color will do, and your done!!!!!!

****always remember to use a well ventilated area when using, paint, spray paint and or varnish*****

Now enjoy it!!!! Happy hauntings!!!!



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    2 years ago

    And thank you @ diy hacks and how to


    2 years ago

    @sparkmaster thank you! Did not know that! Will be trying in the next tombstone!

    spark master

    2 years ago

    Try using exterior wood glue, same consistancy as White glue and does not dissolve in water once set.


    That looks really good. I like the rough stone texture that you were able to get.