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Introduction: Cardboard Tube Princess Bracelet

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In honor of the new movie Mirror Mirror and all little princesses out there, these adorable little bracelets are fit for itty bitty royalty. :) Little girls love anything having to do with dress up and being a princess, so this is a great project for them to make. 

The supplies you will need for this project are:

Cardboard tube
Pink felt
White craft glue
Craft jewels

Step 1: Cut

Cut cardboard tube into 1.5″ wide rings (for each bracelet). Cut each ring open so that the bracelet can be easily slipped onto child’s wrist.

Step 2: Cut Felt

Cut a strip of felt 1.5″ wide long enough to cover the tube.

Step 3: Gauge Size

To gauge the size needed, cover the inside and outside of the tube, trim where needed.

Step 4: Glue

Use white craft glue to attach the felt to the cardboard tube.

Step 5: Add Jewels

Using a generous amount of white craft glue, cover the outside of the bracelet with craft jewels. Let it dry completely.

Step 6: Done - But a Different Version Is Available...

If you would like to make a bracelet that’s more mature, maybe you have a daughter who has outgrown the princess stuff…

Step 7: Pick Paint

Put different colors of paint into a paint palette. Dip paintbrush into one color, the dot the brush into one or two more colors to mix.

Step 8: Dip and Apply

Don’t stir the colors, just dip, then apply to the cardboard.

Step 9: All Done, Now Another Version

Here's the other version.

Step 10: Thank You!

Hope you enjoyed this project! Here are some more ideas you might like:

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There are plenty more kid's crafts available on my craft blog, Crafts by Amanda. Hope you will stop by!

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    Amanda Formaro
    Amanda Formaro

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 10

    Hi Susan. It's actually quite easy! Just need to let the glue dry, so the hardest part is the patience factor :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 10

    Thank you for your advice. I have made it successful.