Cardboard Vehicle Collection!


Introduction: Cardboard Vehicle Collection!

Hey guys! this is a video of all the cardboard vehicles i made in the past. it took me around 2-5 hours each car and i put alot of detail and effort into these cars to make them as realistic as possible. most of these cars have nice paint jobs and decals but most cars also have moving parts like opening doors, opening hood to see the engine, etc. if you like these cars or want more info or more pictures on one of these cars just write me a message. Thanks everyone for  seeing what ive made! :)

What did you make?

Well what i have made are a bunch of cool different cars out of cardboard and they all have essential features like movable doors, openable hood, interior and cool paint jobs and such. all these cars are made up of only cardboard.

How did you make it?

I got this idea because i always loved cars and just thought i should make a cardboard card and i started off with making a 1999 chevy silverado but lost the car and just on from there making them better ad better each time.

Where did you make it?

I only worked on this in my room and i just make these type of cars just for fun because i really enjoy making need vehicles out of cardboard and really brings my talents out.

What did you learn?

The biggest challenge was making the wheels and painting the car. Well the wheels arent really a challenge but get boring to do after you make 4 of them. I would make more of these cars in the future. 



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    I gotta make these!


    2 years ago

    Umm... I think there is an issue with the video for the instructable car

    Huh i started a few months ago so far i have a shleby cobra a 68 stingray a plymouth gtx abd an sr71 blackbird (not a car:))

    I know this is slightly off topic but do you model? I mean like plastic revell or monogram etc? 3-5 hours wow. I airbrush mine with a double action central pneumatic. It takes about 30 minutes minus cleaning (another half hour lol).

    1 reply

    well i was thinking of that but i got atleast 200-300 diecast classic model cars. old, gold, nascar, signed, revell, action, hotwheels, 50 year aniversary ones. i litteraly have them all. i got atleast like 2000 dollars worth. never really thought of building them tho. i was thinking of getting a 52 chevy pickup and junking it out.

    Yeah i know what you mean. But wow thos cars you made are very detailed! Im mean gas pedals and engines its just so impressive. Im really into old sports cars like the gto or the chevelle or firebirds but jdm cars are cool too :)

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    Yeah it took me around 3-5 hours each with the paint job. i will be posting a full detailed video on my 1998 wrangler soon because i modified it alittle more and cleaned it up alittle and was thinking of making more detailed videos of these cars. it will be up for the next up coming contest that it fits in. but as i was saying i will soon be making more jdm and muscle cars if i have the time too

    Sweet! I love stingrays! If you like stingrays then check out the concept pontiac banshee. Its sweet. You gonna inherit the vette when you start driving? If you do then im soooo jelous! A shelby cobra would be awesome too . Just thought id add that :)

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    Yeah i have already thought of making a cobra. But im really into slammed cars or drifting jdm cars like nissan 240sx and rx7s and s2ks and evos. im not sure if i still want to be making cardboard cars tho. Not enough time to make them and just not that fun. but i might make one sooner or later. it would either be a muscle car or a jdm car.

    Thanks man :) my dad owns a orange 72 corvette stingray with a tan leather interior and i was thinking i might do that. A cuda would be really cool too

    Awesone dude! If i had cardboard and patience i would try this since i love cars too. You should do a 68 corvette stingray or a plymouth gtx or cuda too.

    Ok well here is some stuff you might like then. Check out papercraft and
    Look up cars. You can add all the card board you want, but try it out with cardstock paper and then there is this is papakura designer software and you can print it too. Enjoy!