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Vinyl record player


To play vinyls ;-) I found some vinyl records on my parent's attic, I wanted to listen to them but I don't have the player, so I decided to make one by myself

What will be needed




Duct tape


Step 1: Making the Gramophone Frame

Take the cardboard and bend in 3 equal length sections.
Now take the screw and make small hole in the corner of the last section of the cardboard. Put screw in the hole and now You have a pivot for a vinyl record

Step 2: Needle

Take the needle and attach it to the last section of the cardboard like on the picture. To make the cardboard work better, take the coin and attach it next to the needle as additional weight to the cardboard.

Step 3: Playing the Vinyl Record

Make a small hole in the vinyl record and place it on the pivot made in step 1. Now You can turn Your record using the hole in it.
Put the needle on the record and play the music.

Step 4: Imporvements

You can make some improvement to the sound generated by Yours gramophone. Just make a paper tube and attach it to the cardboard. Now You have louder sound with low sound frequencies.
That's all :) If You wonder how cardboard gramophone works just watch youtube video. In my opinion, it not gives audiophile sound quality, but still, it work's pretty well-enough to see what is on the vinyl record.



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    2 years ago

    I won't lean you my huge library of vinyls, I do like them.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Oh, It's not so bad, the needle pressure isn't so hard.. although during experimenting I probably make some scratches on the record.