Cardboard Wine Rack




Introduction: Cardboard Wine Rack

Store up to 9 bottles in this amazing wine rack. Cheap and very easy to do.

SAFETY ADVICE: This instructable uses sharp tools. Be careful using them. If you are not sure how to use, don't continue. NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:

1 - Thick cardboard.
2 - String.
3 - Rule and cutter.
4 - Scissors and awl (or similar).
5 - Pencil or marker.
6 - Glue and packing tape.
7 - Cutting mat (or another cardboard).

You will need a strong cardboard (two layers is recommended). Cardboard need to be 300 x 30 cm, but no in one piece.

Step 2: Marking and Cutting Cardboard

Mark the following pieces on cardboard as showed:

- One for sides: 100 x 30 cm.
- Three for internal part: 50 x 30 cm.
- One for base: 45 x 30 cm.

and cut them. Also, trim the flaps (those of 5 cm width). Be careful: if you want a clean final look, work always on printed side of cardboard.

Using rule and cutter score the dotted lines, and fold cardboard. I recommend you to cut one layer and put pressure with scissors before folding.

The width of 30 cm. will fit for common wine bottles. If you want they protrude, reduce it to 25 cm or so.

Step 3: Making Internal Part

Now put glue on flap of one 50x30 piece and create a triangular prism. Help with packing tape. Do the same for other two pieces, and wait they dry.

Then sew the three prism by the edge with the flaps. For that, make three holes on each prism: one at the left, another at the right and another at the middle of an edge, but not exactly on the edge. Then pass the string through the holes and tie it.

Be careful with awl, because cardboard is stronger than you think...

Step 4: Making External Part

Glue flaps of biggest piece (100x30) and stick it to base (45x30) to get a big triangular prism. Help with tape. It is easiest to put flaps under base, as I done (so the tape is not seen outside).

Step 5: Joining All Together

Finally, sew the three prisms inside the big one. Make holes through sides and edge of prisms and tie them with string. I made three knots at the first floor and only two at then second, because there is less weight. Repeat on both sides and the base.

You can paint cardboard or decorate it as your own.

Now, put the bottles and... enjoy your work and the wine!



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    15 Discussions

    Haha this is the shittest wine rack I've ever seen :P But I admire your creativity..

    Not the best looking wine rack I've seen, but I gave you a good rating as I really like what you did with the first picture in step two, was a really good way to combine a boring and necessary diagram and a boring but necessary picture to make it more interesting! Think I'll copy that technique for one of my ibles :)

    3 replies

    Thank you for rating! Also, I combined two pictures in one in order to reduce excessive and repetitive ones in other steps. Uhm, about looking I like the simple shape, but I will try to improve the design...

    I think I like the shape, it works well. It's the glued tab that's visible that I like less. Perhaps you could taper the tab at the front so it is less visible? Or cut a square out so that the tab is only there for the back four fifths.

    I come back with another design for a wine rack. Check it out:

    Hope you like this one!

    Ansanma, I love your suggestion to use thin boards of wood to make the cardboard skeleton look nice. I'm currently making this for Christmas, I'll be posting the picture of the finished project later. I plan on staining the wood to make it look really sleek.

    I'm wondering about using this to hold the bottles of specialty German water I love so much- it would be so much more convenient than just letting them sit in a cabinet!

    This is a really cool idea. Too bad my dad's Birthday was just today, I coulda made 'em this, he's a big wine-fan. xD Hmmm... I wonder if you could do this with wood? I think it'd work, I just can't figure out how you'd connect the pieces...Any ideas?

    3 replies

    you could....once you have the basic triangle made, just put more obtuse angled shelf brackets on the sides and angle the ends of the main pieces the wine bottles sit on.

    About wood I guess the better is to the change point of view... something like making a skeleton with strips and then adding thin board on sides.

    Maybe you could, I don't know, use screws in the joint so it is going into part of the ply. Get my drift? (sorry, I wasn't very clear)

    I think I got watcha mean kibbler, except doing that would take away the triangular look, and might look a little shabby. Thats what I was thinkin' at first, but I was tryin' to figure out a way to more professionally do it. But hey, it'd work. xD