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Cardboard can be the key component for various DIY projects and craft projects. So I decided to use craft cardboard and I came up with a Wireless Phone Charging Stand. This makes a cool addition to my desk setup and with this stand it is easy to see any notification, while I am editing videos or playing a PC game.

So in this project I will show you how to build your own Cardboard Wireless Phone Charging Stand, make sure your phone supports wireless charging before getting started with this project, most of the new phones come with wireless charging enabled.

You can watch the video on how to build this project below.

Step 1: Components Required

Here is a list of the components and tools required, the list is simple and all you need is -

Step 2: Measurements

To design the case you will need your phone as a reference, you will need a long piece of cardboard, whose width is about the size of your phone, and a height of about 3 times the height of your phone. First draw a line of about 2 cm from the bottom edge of the cardboard and the line should be parallel to the edge of the cardboard. The next line is the about the height of your phone from the previous line to the top of your mobile. (Refer to the video or pictures).

Step 3: Cutting

Similarly follow the reaming lines and you should have something that looks like the above picture. Make creases and cuts as shown in the video and the phone stand should be ready. It would look like the one in the picture, if you make any errors while cutting you can glue it together, wait for it to dry an then continue it. Once you are done, you should have a cardboard phone stand.

Step 4: Wireless Charger

Once the stand is ready, lets start by adding the wireless charger, I found a cheap one for about 5$. You need to open up the charger to reveal the PCB and the coil. You have to pry the board open, if you do not find any screws. You should check the board by powering it up to make sure it did not face any damage while opening it.

Step 5: Desoldering

After you have the wireless charger open you should see the a charging board and a charging coil. You will need to desolder the coil from the board, to remove the coil from the enclosing. The coil is usually stuck to the board using some adhesive, you will need a guitar pick or a flat head screw driver to get the coil out without damaging it.

Step 6: Adding the Coil

After you have removed the coil and PCB from the case, mark the location where the coil goes on the stand. It is usually in the center where the battery is located on your phone. If you are not sure you can solder the coil terminals back and find the exact location by placing the phone on the stand. I used glue to hold the coil in place you could also use hot glue.

Step 7: Adding the Charging Board

Next it is time for the charging PCB to go into place, I had to solder extra wires because the ends of the coil are too short to reach the charging board. Next, you need to cut a slit for the micro USB terminal, which would power the circuit. Just like the coil you could use hot glue to hold the board in place and use some tape to hold the board intact while you stick the board to the stand.

Step 8: Completing the Project

To complete the project add in some tape to keep the wires hidden and add some heat sink to keep the terminals from unwanted contact. After all is done, you can power your wireless charger up and place your phone it and you should see it charging.

You could improve on the charger by adding an instructables logo sticker on it :)

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    6 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    What mean micro USB


    2 years ago

    what phone is that?


    2 years ago

    Which phone did you used for charging?
    Any other normal Android phone can be charged with it which doesn't have wireless charging feature?


    2 years ago

    My phone and the charger get super hot while charging so I have to be careful where I put them. I'd be afraid the cardboard would ignite (I'm not exaggerating). But your Instructable looks good for people who have Cool phones!

    Jakes workshop

    2 years ago

    Well presented instructable!! Nice renders, images, step by steps...

    Thumbs up, keep up the good work