Cardboard and Duct Tape Clock

Introduction: Cardboard and Duct Tape Clock


Clock ($2) From dollar store
Duct Tape ($1) From dollar store
Card Board (Free) Came with clock
Exacto Knife

Total Cost: $3

Step 1: Step One: Get the Clock Parts

Turn the clock over and find the screws that hold it together.

Unscrew them.

Take off the glass and plastic that cover the front of the clock.

On the back there should be a box which controls the 'hands'

Take it off (It may take some force)

There should be three hands (Hour, Minute, and Seconds)

Remember the pattern they attach in.

Step 2: Step Two

Cut the cardboard into any shape you want. I went with a simple square. 
Make sure that the cardboard is bigger than the minute hand.

Cover it with Duct Tape strips.

Mark the center, and cut out a small hole. Make sure it is big enough for the hands to go into.

Step 3: Step Three

TEAttach the control box on the back with duct tape.

Attach the hands back into the control box. (This may require some force).

To make sure the hands are in the right places, turn the knob that lets you adjust the time. 

The minute hand should move, and the hour hand should move slower. The second hand shouldn't move.

Step 4: Step Four: Add the Time (optional)

If you want you can add the number around the clock.

I decided to use roman numerals and to only include 3, 6, 9, and 12.

You could use regular numbers, and/or use all 12 numbers.

I took some duct tape and cut it into small strips with the exacto knife.

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