Cardboard and Duct Tape I-pod Case

Introduction: Cardboard and Duct Tape I-pod Case

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Once again if you like it PLEASE VOTE FOR IT  in the cardboard and duct tape contest!!! Now lets get started, this is a simple to make i pod case from duct tape and cardboard. It holds your i pod tightly and will protect it from small drops. 

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Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need for this project is: a peice of cardboard 7 inch by 7 inch.
                                                       Duct tape(I used two different colors).
                                                        An I pod.
                                                        Scissors or knife.
                                                        and thats it!!!

Step 2: Construct Case

First place your i pod on the cardboard in the very center then fold over both sides and tape them together. Next push your i pod down towards the bottom until there is very little space left at the bottom then tape the bottom closed. Now you tape across the bottom and up the middle. Now trim the top and move to the next the step. The pictures will help explain this allot better they are in order from the first thing to do to the last. P.S make sure you do all steps in the instructable with your i pod in the case otherwise it could get to tight and your i pod wouldnt fit.

Step 3: Wrap the Case

Now we give it some looks: ) ,I wrapped it in two colors of duct tape but you could do with more or just one color. To start rip a piece of tape long enough to wrap around once. Then rip another piece the same length and another the same length as that. Now starting at the bottom wrap them  around the case. 

Step 4: Make and Add Strap

To make the strap all you do is take a piece of tape the length of your i pod and fold it in half. Then you tape it to the back fold it over to the front then trim where you want it be. Then take a piece the same width as your strap and not very long and stick it to the front of the strap this will be the buckle.

Step 5: Use and Enjoy

Now its time for all your hard work to pay off !!! You now have a slightly shock proof slightly water resistant i pod case! To use simply stick the buckle to the front where you want it to close it just pull it off to open it. Now once again please vote for it in the duct tape and cardboard contest and please rate and comment!!

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